Template with times

Hi, I’m trying to get the time of next compromisse, 08h (work time) or google calendar. I’m noob with templates, and I trying this:
{% if states.cal_start_time < self.parsetime(‘08:00:00’) %} states.cal_start_time {% else self.parsetime(‘08:00:00’) endif %}’
where cal_start_time is otther template with;
‘{{ states.calendar.felipe.attributes.start_time }}’
(this working)

What is wrong?

I googled “parsing time home assistant” and found this link.

so this should get your calendar start time. (the dev tools on the webpage allow you to test below, just cut and paste it in)

{{states.calendar.felipe.attributes.start_time.split(’ ')[1]}}

OK. but this comparete only hour, if my appointment is 07h in the next week?