Templates and Badge icons

I use a template sensor to show the number of lights on in custom button …but would also like to be able to add that template as a badge icon in a (mushroom) template card

this particular line of code

{{ states(‘sensor.number_lights_on’) }}

currently presents itself as this


so no number details at all…even though a number of lights are reported on this custom button card


and when I place the same template code into the Dev Tools template sections, it returns the correct number

So I am clearly not using the correct syntax but I am struggling to find out what it should be.

Can anyone please give the correct pointers?

I have other badges working fine but they are is is_states and they are pointing to a specific outcome…so I know it has to be different

TIA for anything you might be able to suggest

The Mushroom Template Car only supports badge icons. A (obviously poor, because limited to 9 lights on) workaround would be to use mdi:numeric-1 - mdi:numeric-9 based on the states of your sensor.

wont lie you’ve lost me a bit there


I mean something like that:

type: custom:mushroom-template-card
primary: whatever
secondary: whatever
icon: mdi:lightbulb-outline
entity: sensor.your_sensor
badge_icon: |-
  {{ 'mdi:numeric-' ~ states(entity) if states(entity)|int(0) < 9 else
  'mdi:numeric-9-plus' }}

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knocked up a test card and still returns blacnk badge icon

starting to think not possible…and not the end of the world as I have it showing fine on custom button cards…just thought there might be a way around it

Your code isn’t correct, you need to put sensor.number_lights_on in quotes

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If you use sensor.number_lights_on as main entity in the Mush Card, you can copy my example as it is. Mush Cards use the entity variable.

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that did it…amazing how much different two little characters can have…both your suggestions now worked but of course can only mark one as the solution…thank you so much…you sir are a genius…