Templates for Dashboards

Similar to what Grafana has with their Dashboards | Grafana Labs, it would be interesting for people to be able to have a template of a dashboard.

It would be beneficial for people who just started out or just want the generic statistics of a certain device such as monitoring your Raspberry Pi. Instead of adding them all one by one, you’d have at least something to get one started.

There’s a page about using Grafana with Home Assistant here:

Don’t forget to vote for your own feature request…! :laughing:

Thank you for the voting heads up hahah. I think I didn’t articulate myself well.

I don’t want to integrate Grafana, I just used them as an example. I want to be able to import a template that someone created for a dashboard. Meaning Someone would have added integrations for using the System Monitor integration, and would have a template of the entities. So if I import this dashboard, I would already have monitors (be it charts, counter etc…) such as CPU, RAM, Network etc already set up, rather than having to manually create all of them myself one by one

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