Templating. Split returns a list

I have an mqtt sensor which returns something like 1.762;ok
And i want to extract the number value.

{{ states.sensor.ebusd_mqtt_waterpressure.state.split(’;’)[0] }} gives me a correct number value

But as soon as i add the the replace statement - i get a list. How can this be fixed?

{{ states.sensor.ebusd_mqtt_waterpressure.state.split(’;’)[0] | replace(’.’, ‘,’) }}

comma’s are going to enforce a list return for templates. If you want the comma as the decimal separator, change your numerical display for your user and keep the value with the period.

That’s what i already have for the user set


But in this case i get a decimal point. Even although i have a float conversion in the end

“{{ value.split(’;’)[0] | float }}”

i still cannot get proper display of the graphs.

graph display will only happen if you have a unit_of_measurement