Templating the icon of a cover device class via customize


I have an IKEA Fyrtur blind, with the standard “blind” icons associated with it.

As the Custom Brand Icon set has the icons for both the open and closed fyrtur blind (via phu:ikea-blind-open and phu:ikea-blind-closed), I want to use them both.

I tried to use the definition:

      icon: phu:ikea-blind-{{states('cover.rollo_schlafzimmer')}}

Using the template tool (under Development Tools) renders the expression correctly to phu:ikea-blind-open (or phu:ikea-blind-open).

But on the entity itself, no icon is showing:

So, what am I doing wrong?



You cannot use templates in standard “customize”.
If this “cover” entity is provided by integration (i.e. not a template cover) - your possible solutions are:

  1. Google for Custom UI - it allows (at least allowed 2 years ago, have not tested it since that time) to use JS-templates in “customize”. An icon is changed in ALL cards & more-info window.
  2. Replace an icon on a particular card by card-mod (ask details in a dedicated thread).

For a template cover - you can define an icon in a template.

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Yep, that was it, thanks.

And yes, it was from an integration (MQTT via Z2M).