Templating with temperature

Again I’m trying something neatly, but cannot manage to get it working. I’ve been messing around for long time and my final attempt now is reaching out to you!

My goal is to change the text color (by using a card mod) to blue when the temperature drops below 3°C by templating. Something similar: I managed to change text color for antother card to red when heating is on. That is based on a state, not based on a number.

Red text in case of heating, working as intended:

{{ 'red' if is_state_attr('climate.thermostat_attic', 'hvac_action', 'heating') else 'grey'}}

What I tried to do (and what I think of was my best attemp) for changing text color to blue:

{{ 'blue' if is_state('sensor.garage_sensor_temperature', | int < 3) else 'grey'}}

I’m afraid that I get lost with numbers / integers / float / …)
Thanks in advance!

{{ 'blue' if states('sensor.garage_sensor_temperature')| int(0) < 3 else 'grey'}}

Great! As soon as you see the answer it seems so easy!

Now my ‘home’ view looks like this: