Temporarily disable integrations in the UI

With more integrations being configured through UI/Config Flow now and a requirement that new ones support it, it’s become much more cumbersome to triage issues by disabling built-in integrations or custom components without losing their configuration. The typical strategy in the past for debugging issues was to comment out suspect integrations in configuration.yaml, which could be done without losing any of the config in YAML, but there’s no equivalent with integrations configured via the UI beyond removing the integration entirely. With integrations that have complicated, multi-page config flows, it’s quite a hassle to remove an integration temporarily just for testing.

Evidently you can hack this by changing the domain: line in .storage/core.config_entries to “xxx-disabled” (or similar), and we already have a list of integrations in the Configuration->Info and in Configuration->Integrations where such an enable/disable option could be located. It would be helpful for users and for folks in the forum/Discord helping other users to be able to easy enable/disable integrations via the UI.