Temporarily disable specific node-red flows from HA interface itself?

Any simple way to do that?
Let’s say I have a one of out of the ordinary day routine, or having guest over late at night where I would usually be in “night mode”. I would like to disable certain usual automatons like dimming of lights or whatever. But don’t want to go into node-red itself.
Thanks in advance.


I don’t have a way to disable a node-red flow but had the same issue as you have.

I have created several Input_select variables (HASS Input_Select ) which I check in my Node-Red flows.

This has the additional benefit that I can switch-on/off even with Alexa


  1. Input_Select >> House-Mode << has the below options
  • Normal -> the normal light timer and switches are enabled in the flows
  • AWAY -> no light timer or switches will be triggered by motion
  • Vacation -> some lights will be switches on/off in the evenings (pretend to be home)
  • Guest mode -> the duration of my light timers are extended
  • Party Indoor --> The light in living room, hallway, kitchen stay on when triggered
  • Party Outdoor --> The Garden, front entrance and pool area lights are on
  • House Party --> Indoor and Outdoor stay on

I have similar selections for Radio, TV, Messages and AC and it works easily with Node-Red

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Thanks. I will look into that :slight_smile:

Look at the “traffic” node in node-red pallette manager.

Combine that with an input Boolean or mqtt switch and you can enable disable flows all day long.

I use the traffic node heavily in automation processes.

That sounds like the way to go. Thanks!

yes, I had the traffic-node as well but was not flexible enough for me as you still would need a Input_boolean

I’m bumping this old thread because it’s exactly what I’m looking for at the moment. I suspect at the time this was posted, the Node-RED integration didn’t exist. One of the stated functionalities is:

  • Disable and enable Node-RED flows from Home Assistant UI

It’s unclear, however, how that’s done… and I’m interested. There are no new “Node-RED” entities in HA except for those I created intentionally. I’m curious because there is a flow or two I’d like to be able to toggle on and off from Lovelace.

At the bottom of the HA nodes you will see expose to home assistant, check that box. It will create a switch in HA for that node to turn it on or off.


Works! :slight_smile: Thanks