Temporarily pause updates for a fixed interval

It would be very useful to be able to pause all updates (HA core, supervisor, add-ons etc.) for a fixed period of time - e.g. two weeks - when you are going on holiday and absolutely don’t want to deploy anything that might affect stability.

Yes, ok, so I could just not press the update button, but HA is a well maintained, frequently updated product (sometimes several times a week, when you take into account the different add-on release cadences) the update notifications can come thick and fast, and it’s very easy to just stab the “install” button without giving it a second thought, giving unintended consequences when you are ill-equipped to deal with them.

The ability to mute all updates for a fixed period of time would be an extremely handy thing for those periods where you don’t want to risk anything destabilising your install. There is some precedent here - Microsoft also allow you to freeze updates for a fixed period of time, when you absolutely don’t want anything bothering you, reverting back to normal behaviour after this interval so it doesn’t permanently block updates from being offered.