Temporary Irrigation

I have an outside deck with a couple of flower planters. These will get watered manually everyday. When I go away I’d to move all planters to one spot on the deck and then some how automatically water them. I envision a hose running from an outside tap (that’s left turned on). On the end of the hose would be some type of electronic timer with WiFi that would integrate with Home Assistant. From the timer I’d have a soaker hose going to all the gathered flower planters. The timer would automatically water the plants at the same time each day. This could be set up in Node Red using “Big Timer”. I could use HA to monitor the local weather and decide if I need to turn the timer on to add an extra watering or off if it looks like rain. Perhaps the timer would have a built in rain sensor.

Question: Any idea on the type of timer I would use or even a different suggestion on how different products to use.

Diagram roughly outlining my concept

Thanks in advance for any help that can be offered.

I can’t answer the question but am looking for something similar except it will be used every day.

I did something similar when I planted a sapling in my front yard a few years ago and got tired of dumping a 5 gallon bucket of water on it every evening.

First, place your valve before the hose. Because when the hose springs a leak, it will do so on the first day of your vacation.

I used a 24V sprinkler valve such as this one:

And added the appropriate fittings so the inlet could be screwed to the silcock, while a hose attached to the outlet.

As I had a load of spare 24V transformers like this one:

…I just added a plug to the wire pigtails. But any sort of 24VAC transformer will do.

Connected the transformer to a WiFi power bar I already had in my basement. Transformer inside, wire through the wall to the valve outside. In my case I already had a convenient way to route the wire as my sillcock passes through an unnecessarily large hole in the foundation.

Then an automation to turn on the WiFi socket at 11PM, and off again at 11:02PM (works out to about 5 gallons).

I didn’t bother taking the weather into account. Can’t really over water a tree.