Temporary Zones

I thought about temporary zones, because I wanted to have an alarm when my car leaves where I parked. I would create this temporary zone and with that i’ll be able to do an automation when he left that area.

I know that few people would use it, but I live in Brazil and I’m always suspicious of someone stealing my car. That’s sad but it’s true.

Sorry if i missed something on the post.

Interesting use-case.

Wouldn’t that mean that your car already needs to have a means of location tracking, such as GPS?
Can’t zoning and tracking already be leveraged much easier by dedicated software?

*Edit: also wouldn’t you want to be alerted if it moved at all from it’s location, regardless of how far within a zone?

Hi fanuch.

I already have a tracker in my car. The software is Traccar. I searched traccar and didn’t find a similar function.

The problem of always notifying when the car move is that my tracker drift, which would give several false positives. Also, I will only use it when I park my car on the street.