Tempted by replacing OMV by Home Assistant OS - Input and Ideas welcome!

Hi all,

Since some years I have a small NAS/Server build with a small NUC / SBC running Openmediavault (OMV) and everything I needed in docker incl. Home Assistant.
I have / had fun with tinkering finding solutions to my problems etc… But as life goes forward time becomes a valuable ressource and I tend to spend it less and less alone with the PC.

I delved a bit into the new Home Assistant Interface and saw that basically all the dockers / services I am using exist as “plugins / extensions”. I understand these are just curated docker instances but with a nice and easy interface.

My needs are quite simple:

  • Home Assistant for controlling my home (automating will come once I have moved)
  • Nextcloud to have a secondary backup of my most important files and stuff (right now on a separate SSD inside the NUC i use as a server)
  • Adguard (or just a general adblocker)
  • Plex (not used since I have streaming services, but surely a nice backup if internet should one day fail)
  • jDownloader for when there are multiple big downloads to queue
  • A data grave HDD which is there to store the Plex Movies and be a place for backups / Fotos. I might try to get a second one to be safe.

Regarding Adguard and Plex HASSOS is allready quite ready (and super neat) it seems, but for the rest I am not so sure, as I mostly read about integrations.

Would you see a solution / recommend me to do the switch once I move / rebuild my whole setup ?

I don’t really need / use advances NAS / RAID stuff, as I never needed / learnt how to best use it and am more anxious to mess things up if there isn’t a GUI protecting me from the biggest mistakes…

I would love your input on this to learn more and have the best possible solution at the end. HASS made so much thing possible and I hope it will make even more stuff happen in the future.

If you are a tinkerer, I wouldn’t recommend switching to HAOS.

As you noticed, the number of “addons” (the actual name for containers inside HAOS) is limited. While it’s not over-complicated to create one from scratch from any “official” image, that’s still additional work to create and maintain.
Although possible, running “plain” containers inside HAOS will make it unsupported and will be frowned upon as soon as you’ll be looking for help.

I’d personally recommend running a Container installation of HA under OMV. Just be aware that you lose the addon functionality, then. You “just” have HA.
If addons are important to you, run HAOS alongside OMV (on another device), as you likely do nowadays. HAOS will not replace it.

Thanks for your input !
That’s the thing, I don’t really want to tinker any longer …
Perfection would be a “NAS” and Nextcloud plugin, that would already cover everything important.

I found a way to make HA supervised work in docker. So addons still work. It’s really fun to see home assistant use the docker installation it is inside of to create more dockers, but also kind of creepy.

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