Tempurpedic Adjustable bed frame

I have published an interface to the Tempurpedic Ergo bed frame. On GitHub

Is there any way to troubleshoot? I’m using a queen size Tempur-Ergo base, and I looked in my router and found “Sleeptracker-49-94” and assigned it a static ip. I changed the ip address in each python file to match the new static one, but the scripts don’t seem to work at all. Running them straight from the command line just outputs the 3 expected lines, but the bed doesn’t move.

I don’t think the Sleep Tracker and the bed frame controls are the same. My Tempur-Ergo showed up as a separate WiFi access point and I had to connect to that access point then start the Tempurpedic Android application to have the frame connect to my WiFi. It allowed me to assign a static IP. in the setup. I wish I had taken screen shots of that so I could share. There is very little tech support at Tempurpedic but I finally located a savvy technician who told me how to reset the bed frame and get it ready for the application to set it up. The android application is also how I grabbed the lines of cammand. I wish I could remember what the name of the access point was but if you hold your phone near and look for WiWi access points it should show. Please reply to me on any progress you make or if you are still stuck. It is really a comfort to be able to have Home assistant do the bed as well as all the rest of the bedroom lights fan and shades all on the same dashboard.

A big question I have about the IP commands for the Tempur bedframe is whether the first few bytes of the command are common to all tempurpedic frames or if each has a unique preamble. A unique preamble would make the control more secure. If you are comfortable with troubleshooting, I can post screen shots of how I captured the packets from the Android application. But first of course the IP connection is necessary. An HTTP browser connection to the IP of the bedframe (port 80) with a /sys (i.e. will show a very simple info page on the bedframe. Here is mine: {"uuid":"c86408621b8230326c71d9f7dc1d","interface":"station","prov":{"types":[]},"connection":{"station":{"mac_addr":"6c:71:d9:f7:dc:1d","configured":1,"status":2,"ssid":"hiddenridge2","bssid":"bc:a5:11:1c:ae:0e","channel":8,"security":5,"ip":0,"rssi":-44,"ipaddr":"","ipmask":"","ipgw":"","ipdns1":"","ipdns2":""}}}

Interesting. I think that I’m not actually able to connect directly to the frame directly. Doing some research here, I am connecting to the bed through the sleep tracker monitor processor and app. Are you using the wifi module for the Ergo base?

Here is my Ergo Base unit. The attached box in the upper corner of the base control is the WiFi module. On the back of the module is a reset button that can be pressed in the right pattern to reset the module to factory after which it should show up as a separate WiFi access point.image

Mine appears to be a completely different model, with a Sleeptracker AI processor that handles all the wifi and connectivity to the bed. Oh well, thank you for trying to help!

Is there an Android application to control the bed? If there is and if you wanted to put the effort into it, I could step you through how to use an android packet sniffer but it takes a lot of tedious effort to do the individual command sequence decoding as you have to switch between apps for each one. However, that said, it is for me at least fun as I have spent decades doing ISO level 2 and 3 stuff for a living. … LOL I just googled ISO level 2 and I guess the 7 layer ISO networking protocol might be dated but then at 79 I’m dated.

I am not much a programmer, but I have one of these beds and can provide a 2nd set of data if it would help. Going to try and implement this today if I can. Been wanting to do something like this for awhile with the bed but never saw anything until now.

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It would help indeed. Do you have my github code?
I have an app “Packet Capture” (pkt) I open the Tempurpedic (tp) app first. Then I go to pkt and start it. It has a mode that captures by app. I select tp and start capture, switch to tp and give a command, switch to pkt and stop capture. ( you can actually do a lot of commands but it’s too hard for me to remember the order) when you stop capture, you should see the packets captured. There will probably be a call to the tp web page and reply there will be short ACK packets. Look at the HEX output of the packets and you should recognize the command packet and the bed ACK . I would then test the command by sending it to the bed.


Do you know if the Wifi module is connected using a DIN-5 connector or a different one?

Yes, IIRC, a small round f pin with a notch to align. The module clips onto the controlling unit. It has a reset button on the side to reset it to factory if it has forgotten how to log in.

Thank you!
I live in Europe and have a different Tempur bed (Zero G) that doesn’t have a Wifi Module. It does have the DIN5 connector (for wired remotes), so I will ask Tempur whether this wifi module might work with my bed.

Glad to help. The WiFi module is the small box on top of the control box. I tried finding one when mine became unresponsive. I finally was able to revive mine using the factory reset and the phone app to reprogram it. It would be nice if they could provide information. I finally badgered them till I found a tech who knew something. A rarity these days.

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I have the TEMPUR-Ergo smart base on my bed. It’s WiFi and I can control the bed through the Sleeptracker-AI as well as the remote. Is your solution only using the remote that you integrated an ESP board to, or have you managed to come up with a solution by IP?

It doesn’t use the remote. It sends bed commands via WiFi. I sniffed (listened to) the commands sent by the phone app to control the bed and copied them. Then wrote command line entities to control the bed. No modifications of the remote or smart base were needed.

The Ergo Smart & Ergo Extend Smart bases use the Fullpower Technologies Sleeptracker AI to control it, not the WiFi module Doug shows in the pictures. I’m working on an integration that will work with Sleeptracker AI to control the bed and get some data out of it.

Wonderful! I wish you easy success.

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@wymand I’m wondering if it makes sense for this to be a solution for either Logicdata Tempur beds (Ergo Premier) and Sleeptracker ones (Ergo Smart & Ergo Extend Smart). What do you think about a single integration that does both?

It would certainly be nice to have one Tempurpedic integration with a type selection.
Maybe emphasis on the Ergo in descriptions as that seems to draw more search hits.
does Sleeptracker AI have the same controls as the WiFi module??
That would make it easier for you to import the WiFi controls into your integration.
Are you planning on a python based integration?