TempurPedic Ergo Plus, Broadlink, and Home Assistant

I’ve been trying to get my TempurPedic ajustable bed integrated into my Home Assistant world, but not having any luck. I have an Ergo Plus, which has one of those RF (non bluetooth, non wifi) remotes. I bought a Broadlink RM4, which can work with both IR and RF. Using their app, I’ve had no luck getting it to work with the bed remote. It records the signal, but when I press the button on the app, nothing happens.

So I decided to try to see if using Home Assistant I might have more control of the signal being put out. I’ve integrated the remote into Home Assistant, and I’ve been able to use the remote.learn_command service to have it learn a bunch of IR codes from another device. That works great. However, even though the remote.learn_command has an option for RF instead of IR, it doesn’t seem to work. I looked online, and saw several tutorials about how you first have to use the RF signal using the Broadlink App, then bring it over using various tools. Before diving into this much further, I thought I’d ask if anyone has ever done anything similar. It may be that there’s just a fundamental incompatibility between the bed remote and the Broadlink device.

Any advice is appreciated.

I have one being delivered next week. Looks like we are the only two that are interested in this. SMH…First-world problems! :rofl:

Hi. I actually managed to hack together a solution. But it involves taking apart the remote, soldering leads (two leads for each button on the remote) to it that then connecting all the leads to an ESP32 chip, a bank off/on relays and then putting whole mess into a hobby box. It’s doable, but you need to be comfortable soldering and wiring things up. I can send you more details if you like in a few days when I get back home. Lmk.