Terget temperature off by 2 degrees with ESPHome IR Remote Climate device


I’m wondering if someone would be able to help me with an issue I have with a climate entity.

I’m controlling a Noma 043-0759-4 air conditioner with an IR transmitter that uses an ESP8266. The air conditioner is actually a re-badged Hisense. I was able to get it working by using the Whirlpool platform in ESPHome IR Climate since Hisense and Whirlpool seem to use the same IR codes. This is my YAML configuration for this in ESPHome:

  - platform: whirlpool
    name: "Living Room AC - Noma 043-0759-4"
    supports_cool: True
    supports_heat: False
      min_temperature: 16
      max_temperature: 30

There was some weirdness with the Whirlpool platform and what the IR codes being sent would make the AC unit do. For example, the unit needs off, then on IR signals in rapid succession in order to power on and off. I think this is due to it not actually being a Whirlpool. With a little bit of configuration.yaml editing i was able to make a decent lovelace UI for it that works perfectly. That is except for one last bit of weirdness from the Whirlpool platform. The target temperature being displayed is 2°C hotter than what’s displayed on the AC unit itself.

I have confirmed it is the attribute for the climate entity itself that is wrong and it’s not just a Lovelace bug. Below are the attributes for the climate entity from Developer Tools > States.

hvac_modes: cool, dry, fan_only
min_temp: 16
max_temp: 30
target_temp_step: 1
fan_modes: auto, low, medium, high
swing_modes: off, vertical
current_temperature: 0
temperature: 25
fan_mode: medium
swing_mode: off
icon: mdi:air-conditioner
friendly_name: Living Room AC - Noma 043-0759-4
supported_features: 41

The temperature set on the AC unit itself currently reads 23, not 25 like the attribute above.

I’ve done some research and it seems I would be able to create a new entity with a temperature offset using a template in configuration.yaml. If I needed to go that route, is there a way to integrate just that entity’s attribute into a thermostat Lovelace card, but still be able to control the original climate entity on the same card? It also seems like that doing it this way may lead to some headaches for future automations.

The ideal scenario would be if I can edit what’s being reported to Home Assistant as the target temperature. I’ve looked through the documentation for the climate component in ESPHome and don’t see a way there. Is there a way to do this in Home Assistant?


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