Tesla can't be controlled but can see the state

Tesla online can not control
climate/set_hvac_mode fail!!!

Same here.

The error is

2024-05-25 19:46:33.620 DEBUG (MainThread) [teslajsonpy.connection] post: https://owner-api.teslamotors.com/api/1/vehicles/xxx/command/auto_conditioning_start {}
2024-05-25 19:46:33.793 DEBUG (MainThread) [teslajsonpy.connection] 403: {"response":null,"error":"Tesla Vehicle Command Protocol required, please refer to the documentation here: https://developer.tesla.com/docs/fleet-api#2023-10-09-rest-api-vehicle-commands-endpoint-deprecation-warning","error_description":""}

It looks like Tesla is also removing the deprecated API for older vehicles as well.

The command calls should be migrated to the new vehicle-command API.