Tesla car integration Energy panel

I am having a problem with the energy added value on the energy dashboard from my Tesla

The problem I am having is the energy added dashboard “gives back” energy to my bulk subtracting from my total usage as if the battery drain down. Like it gave the energy back to me subtracting it from my mains usage reported from my Emporia Vue. My Emporia reports me using 38kwh and if the car lost 3 or 4 kwh because it got cold or something, the energy dashboard will subtract that amount from my total grid usage, even though no such thing happened. Is there a way to make the energy dashboard only count positive values from an entity?

Still having the same issue, has anyone solved it or am I just doing this whole thing incorrectly.

Did you ever figure this out? I just noticed the same on the ‘energy added’ entity.

I did not, The closest thing I could figure out is to create a new template sensor using only positive values from the Tesla kwh as an intermediary, but I have been too lazy to implement it.

Thanks. I was heading that direction too, but held off to see if there were other alternatives. I tend to over think situations and maybe it is designed this way for a reason. =)

If you have an energy sensor and you want to ignore decreases in the value, you can feed it to a utility_meter with net_consumption set to false.

Then decreases in the source sensor will be filtered out.

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This totally worked.