Tesla component - what are these switches?

I’ve added the tesla component and see some entities created for
charger switch
maxrange switch
update switch

What are they for? I have not found any documentation.

Charger switch allows you to start and stop charging (indicates if you are charging).
Maxrange switch is whether or not you’re at 100% charge (Trip Mode) versus the default of 80%.
Update switch turns on/off the automatic polling of the network from the car (to save battery).

Which one is which? If the update switch is enabled, does that mean it will not poll the tesla every 5 min if its in sleep mode?

Am I polling the car or the API every 5 min, meaning the car updates the API with its latest data?

Update switch is your CAR polling TESLA for updates. Don’t believe it happens every 5 minutes, I’m sure it’s a much longer cycle time than that. If you turn it off, then the car will NOT poll Tesla about updates at all. This will save some battery as the car won’t have to wake up in order to poll. It’s not something I would normally turn off unless you know the car will be sitting for a long time.

That’s my understanding, could be incorrect.

So then its not really behaving as the “req” that I saw.

Unless you actually trigger “state”: “online” or something that indicates if the car is updating the Tesla API.
I guess the car updates the Tesla server and we ask the Tesla server and not the car itself?
So if the car is “online” then we can go ahead and do whatever we want but if state is “sleep” (I couldnt find any documentation of which states there are) then we dont poll anything.


All of our interactions are with the Tesla server API itself, not the car directly. You’re just giving commands to the Tesla servers to give the car the next time the car polls. I’m not sure what “req” you’re referring to, so I can’t speak to it.

What are you trying to figure out?

I as some of the others wanna make sure we dont drain the battery when the car should be asleep, how can we make sure of this?

If the switch only tells us if we should do a request to the API or not then it more for long term use, but for every day use you want to get the data from the api, perhaps call it every 30sec to get location tracker for automations in different zones, but we dont want to ask every 30sec during the night IF the car is or should be asleep.

This is exposing an API, if you want your car to behave normally, don’t change it.
If you want to understand your phantom drain, then you can use an app like TezLab.