Tesla Custom Integration for Powerwall Doesn't Show Entities for Energy Dashboard

I’m using the Tesla Custom Integration to provide some automation for my Tesla Energy System (solar and Powerwall). And this appears to be working really well. I’m able to switch my system from Time-Based Control at the start of peak (so solar is exported to grid at the best price) and back to Self-Powered at the end of peak (so I absolutely minimize the amount of draw on the grid so I have the lowest possible Non-Bypassable Charges from my electrical utility: SCE).

However, I’m unable to properly configure the Energy Dashboard as only two entities appear as available for the Energy Dashboard (Energy Added and Battery Remaining).

I’m I posting to the proper community for feedback? Should I be posting in the Github repo for the integration?


I’ve got the same issue - Any solutions would be greatly appriciated.

I’ve tried loading the standard Tesla Powerwall Integration, but I don’t have the password for my system (have tried every combination of the info printed inside the gateway).

Same here. I think the sensor data needs to be split and converted to kWh, but I’m not really sure how to do it.

Same here. Any updates?