Tesla EV with Solar and ComEd hourly pricing

Anyone here has the combination of Tesla EV and solar and on ComEd hourly pricing figured out the best automations to balance best savings with hourly pricing going negative sometimes (but I realized there will still be delivery charges during negative, so not really negative)? Appreciate your time and help

appreciate if anyone has any input on this

EMHASS: An Energy Management for Home Assistant

Does a great job for me balancing charging prices and solar production to provide the optimal EV charging schedule.

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Thank you. This looks great and mostly what I was looking for but I see this system needs set costs of electricity, but I am on hourly pricing where costs change every 5 minutes, but this looks really cool to explore

My costs change every minute, so I rerun the optimisation when the prices change.

EMHASS actually works very well in this situation.

Iā€™m with AmberElectric, but we have users on Nordpool and Octopus Agile as well. Who is your retailer?

I am in Illinois and with ComEd. They have an API for the prices which I integrated into HA for automations with my Tesla EV as occasionally we get negative prices but trying to see what else I can achieve with this. This add on has lot of things I never heard of and need to sit and dig deep.