Tesla Integration -- allow automation to change scan_interval?

I would like to modify the Tesla scan_interval (aka “Seconds Between Scans”) based on the distance from the home zone – is that possible?
I presently use entry to Home Zone to trigger my garage door opener. I have configuration->integrations->tesla->configure “Seconds Between Scans” set to 60 seconds but that’s a little too long for my situation. However, permanently setting it lower is going to drain the battery while it’s sitting at work (not plugged in). How can I dynamically change scan_interval?

Did you solve this?

Mostly. See https://github.com/alandtse/tesla/wiki/Dynamic-Polling-Frequency for a pretty good description of it all. The polling interval can be updated under certain circumstances, but the results are a function of the polling interval and other factors. I still need to play around with this to achieve my desired results…