🚗 Tesla Inventory Price Notifications

Open your Home Assistant instance and show the blueprint import dialog with a specific blueprint pre-filled.
Tesla inventory prices change frequently. Get notified to make sure you never miss a deal.

Customize your color and trim configuration to receive notifications only about cars that match your search criteria.

Scrape Tesla inventory and get notified when prices drop


  1. Import this blueprint into your Home Assistant
  2. Create automation and save it (all fields with * are required)
  3. Copy the code from Home Assistant notification into configuration.yaml file
  4. Go to Developer Tools → Restart → Restart Home Assistant
  5. Wait for price drop to trigger mobile notification (get at least 500 off with optional referral link)


sensor.tesla_inventory will have different states:

  • unknown: URL invalid or API temporarily unavailable
  • 0: Indicates there are (currently) no results for these search parameters
  • value > 0: Reflects the price of the most affordable car that matches your search criteria


  1. Go to Developer Tools → States → Set State
  2. Search for: sensor.tesla_inventory
  3. Set price manually and wait for mobile notification


  1. Make changes and save automation
  2. Replace code from new Home Assistant notification in configuration.yaml
  3. Go to Developer Tools → Restart → Restart Home Assistant


  • 11.08.2023: Adapted to API changes: added header fields and removed delivery city.