Tesla model 3 device_tracker not showing (does it work for you?)

As the topic says, i have the HA component running and it works like a champ. Except for the device_tracker. The app from tesla does have the location so i know its ok.

So are there any model 3 owners out there that do have a device_tracker in HA? Otherwise i can open a issue on the python library for it. (but first verify its just not me)


What do you mean by “not showing”? Do you mean it’s not showing on the map page? If your Tesla is at “Home”, that is by design.

You can go to the States page and look for:


and that will show you state (e.g. home or not_home) and other info like gps coordinates. Note that this is going to update depending on what you have configured for scan_interval for the tesla componment.

Well not showing as that i cannot find any “device_tracker.tesla_model_3_YOURVIN”

I have all the other items, but not that one. But from the sound of it, yours does work. I live in the netherlands maybe there is something different perhaps. US people have it longer, perhaps a different type of api?

I would think the device_tracker would be listed even if Tesla was limiting the API in other countries. What version of Home Assistant are you on?

Almost the latest, did an upgrade now to the latest .3 release and still not visible. Don’t see any errors in the default logs either.

p.s. most be some programming thingy. I went off to download this javascript library https://github.com/hjespers/teslams and ran the example map. Showed the location of my car just fine. So that doesn’t seems to be the problem.

p.p.s you model 3 does show up right in the map now?

So you’re on 0.91.3?

If you search the log for device_tracker, what lines do you see? I see mine when it is outside of my Home zone.

nowhere to be found… made an issue on the python library, perhaps they know more.

I’am in the shame corner, it was in my known_devices but track was set to “false”. Don’t know why it was added with “false” to begin with but i should have looked there too.

Think i found the issue, but uncertain:


As you can see the scanner is “unifi” which i have set to standard “false” for tracking. But this should just be from the tesla component, don’t know the fine details.

I have a similar problem. My location tracker shows either “away” or “unknown”. The latter when home.

Did you set the home zone correctly in the *persons and zones’ settings?

I think 2021 had its best time :wink: ow and default tesla component was removed in the mean time too…

Just to confirm, the location entity has been removed from the Tesla Custom Integration. What are my options to see if my Tesla is within my Home Zone other than a mobile phone?

this works for me: GitHub - alandtse/tesla: Tesla custom integration for Home Assistant. This requires a refresh token be generated by third-party apps to login.

Screenshot 2023-09-20 180413

Sorry for bumping the thread, but I wanted to share my two cents. One possible solution you could try is to check the permissions and credentials in your Tesla app and your Home Assistant setup. Ensure that your Tesla app is set to share location data with other apps. Additionally, double-check your Home Assistant configuration to make sure you have the correct credentials and tokens. In addition, I’m thinking about upgrading my car, and I’m currently on the hunt for a tesla model 3 steering wheel to enhance its power and functionality. Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for any insights you can provide!

I noticed something similar just happened with latest tesla release 2023.38.4. location sensor shows as unknown. I’m guessing it’s related to the new feature that shows location icon in car when location is accessed. Since the icon only shows up when location is selected in Tesla native app I wonder if it’s a separate call that needs to be made now to retrieve that data.

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I have the same issue. Has someone found a solution for this yet?

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