Tesla Powerwall Integration

I’m trying to pull data from my Tesla Powerwall to display the daily total solar generation. I’m using the sensor.powerwall_solar_export but this return the cumulative solar generation to date, rather than a daily value. Has anyone manage to create a custom sensor to display the daily value? Thanks

Just a general solution would be to use an Utility Meter and let it reset daily. Another one just for the frontend is to use the energy distribution card where the daily values are shown.

Thanks, I appreciate the suggestions but I’ve created the energy distribution card which display the daily data and read about creating an Utility Meter. However, I’m looking to create a custom sensor from the Tesla Powerwall.

The Utility Meter is a sensor. Why wouldnt you need it?

Ok, thanks. I better take another look at the Utility Meter

All sorted, I just need to pick the correct Tesla Powerwall sensor.

Nice! I am happy for you.