Tesla Powerwall use cases and automation sharing

Tesla removed those two settings from the local gateway API which is how the native Home Assistant integration functions. Those settings are now available only in the Tesla cloud API which is not supported by the native HA integration.

If you supplementally install the 3rd party integration manually or via HACS, you’ll get those settings as well. It’s no problem running both integrations alongside one another, they won’t conflict.

The Teslemetry integration has been designed from the ground up to provide full access to the official Tesla FleetAPI, including a fully supported core Home Assistant integration, which I am using for Powerwall controls.

It is a subscription service.

I’m not sure how Teslemetry could assist in this situation, but as a general suggestion I’m glad to know it exists.

Generally I prefer to keep as much local as possible and try to avoid any cloud APIs unless there’s no other choice, so I think it’s unlikely I’d move to it.

I agree with the preference towards localAPI, but Tesla doesn’t allow local control.

Using the localAPI, the only command available is switching off-grid mode.

To change backup reserve and operating mode (backup, autonomous and self-powered) I have only found cloud API commands available.

Another way to say this is that all of the Tesla data is available locally and only two commands require the cloud which is available from Tesla for free.

Why would I pay 25/year just to access those two commands when I can get them for free? The teslemetry product doesn’t provide any benefit that I can see over the native Tesla api.

Perhaps it makes more sense for people who own one of the cars.

Am I right in assuming that the second setting is actually the “Operational Mode” in the app, so between “Self Powered” and “Time Based Control”. The reason I ask is that I always use the “Time based control” anyway. So I assume that if I then set my battery backup reserve then the battery should charge if my condition has been met in the automation. Or am I wrong?