Tesla / SolarCity Solar

I would love to see a SolarCity / Tesla Solar integration to understand when my home is producing solar energy. I can trigger many electrical automations based on this information, as well as better estimate my energy bills for off-solar use.

Anyone else have success with this?

Be sure to request api access from Tesla. Now that Solar City has transitioned over to Tesla, they need to make it accessible. The fact that this is available in their cars and batteries makes me hopeful they will for their solar box. Right now I think the only option would be a web scrapper, or sniff for the zigbee traffic from their control box.

Tesla connect all their products, i would be super suprised if they pump out solar systems that arent internet connected.
they have allowed local interrogation in their previous products, they are likely to do the same with solar as they need them to play nicely and optimally together.
its much better to grab solar / power data locally for fast responsive power control. getting it from the tesla API would be too slow to offer granular control.
for example - you can interrogate the powerwall gateway for production import and export.
with this detail the amount of solar you’re producing (from a control standpoint) is essentially irrelevant.
the only important metric is import / export and how much.
you can rattle the json output with RESTful sensor or use the powerwall integration.

Did anyone make any progress on this? I’m in the same boat. I had/have a Solar City setup that was acquired by Tesla. I can see some data on the Tesla Android app. It would be great to get that data into HA. Thanks.

@carealtor and others, I have a working API call to pull realtime and historical Tesla solar in json format (I am also on a legacy SolarCity system). DM me and i’ll share, not too comfortable posting the details publicly.


If you call Tesla, and be very specific, ask the Energy Customer Support to escalate a Tier 2 technical support ticket to get the API for your system. Once you get that, you can do what you need. I just got mine today for my SolarEdge inverter. You may have to ask a couple of times, but they WILL provide it because YOU own the inverter.

HOWEVER be careful to just use the data to monitor. If you screw things up, you void your warranty, and given that most Solar contracts have a 20+ year warranty, it would not be good to screw it up! :slight_smile:


Circling back around… anyone make any progress on this or have an API call to get data into HA?

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It’s been a few months again. Any progress on this?