Tessie entity for weather warning

Have automated venting windows when inside temp over x degrees and close when below x degrees but there’s no entity for the weather warning to close the windows.

These are the conditons that the url above can provide

  • Thunderstorm

  • Drizzle

  • Rain

  • Snow

  • Squall

  • Mist

Just to be clear, you are not specifically interested in Tessie but in ‘any’ intergration that you can tie to your location (you/car/home/rv/etc.)…or does it have to be Tessie?

EDIT: with the link you sent you can integration Tessie yourselves using the RESTful integration (or its sensor)

RESTful - Home Assistant (home-assistant.io)

Alternatively you can exeucute the ‘curl’ via a command_line sensor

Hi thanks for replying the tessie gateway needs an api key I was after a sensor that uses the tessie weather warning as its based on the vin and location.

Is there another way to interrogate the api endpoint GET


The way I read the docs, not if you need to use Tessie… There are other means to get to data using lat/lon though. But I donot understand why using the vin and/or key is an issue…you can just add them, not? Or…you donot have a Tesla car with registered VIN ?