Test with android if home assistant is online

I use home assistant as an intruder alarm in my house.
If my internet line is cut I can no longer receive alerts.
a software on the android phone could query home assistant for example every minute.
if it doesn’t receive an answer it will trigger an alert on the phone.
have an idea how to do this connection test ?

thank you for your help

I’d recommend checking out https://uptimerobot.com - you can have them ping your Home Assistant instance and notify you if it’s down.

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I use healthchecks.io and it does the same as @apop’s suggestion.

thank you very much for your answer i will try both services

I was looking for a way to find out if Ha is online and I just signed in Uptime Robot.
Can you advice me how with the set up ?
Which monitor type and Url-ip should I use?

You’d want to create an HTTPS monitor type using the external URL of your Home Assistant server.

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