Testing Flux light platform configuration

What’s the best way to test configuration for the Flux light platform? So far, all I can think of is to use the developer tools to manually set the sun state, but that won’t help for the time-based aspects. As well, that would affect any other automations tied to the sun. Perhaps the component could be extended with a service to set inject the current time and sun state?

The integration will update your lights based on the time of day. It will only affect lights that are turned on and listed in the flux configuration.

You can easily set a light to a different color / temperature and then enable the Flux switch for it. The target light must be on.

I’ve been doing that! However, that only lets me see what Flux would apply now. Let’s say it’s the morning, how can I preview what Flux will do later that day or in the evening?

I’ve started a PR to improve this at https://github.com/home-assistant/core/pull/46624

I tried flux and gave up on it… when it was “running” often lights that were turned off by an automation such as a light turned on then off by a motion sensor would almost straight away turn back on again… looked all over but could not find a cause for this… nothing in the log book either