Testing HA without any maintenance exept updates 18 months

Dear HA users i started using HA loooong time ago since it was only meant for turning lights on/off i cant believe that its has been that long. I have moved my HA instance to dedicated mini PC also long time ago and it is rock solid from than on.

Ok so to cut the chase i was always afraid and thinking what if something happened to me and or i wasn’t able to get to HA for maintenance for a while so it got to me to make it to fix stuff so i decided to make a test and do nothing on it it is quite configured and extended with various devices and automations, blueprints and etc. Its not just switches for lights as it was on the beginning.

So here is with the results. After this 24 months of testing i wasnt doing any repairs or fixes exept one just turn ons if it went offline due to power outs and so. I had an issue with low disk space but solved it the HA kept getting out of it after fixing the over logging and some minor stuff HA was back online the same day. To summit that was mine mistake at the beginning not HA.

I had basically no issues with stability, system was rock solid for entire time. No crashes or broken things updates were done regular basis and automated. So the code is updated to the latest as it goes for HA as for HACS. ESPHOME has been left alone and now i have to update all my nodes.

The HA amazes me how stable it is and knowing that i’m relieved that even if i die tomorrow it will last for a while before it gets removed. I installed several hw bypass systems to avoid SW failure. But now i see that all my fears were obsolete. AFAIK HA is great system and more and less the team behind it is amazing. Good job boys and girls and all of you who make this system amazing by the day.