Testing your configuration for a new version

I am currently running HA 0.88.1 on Hassbian. Earlier this week I attempted to upgrade using the Hassbian upgrade script. During the upgrade I received a message that my configuration would not be valid under the new version and I reverted.

Is there a way that I can see specifically what is going to need to be changed?

Read the release notes.

Unfortunately that’s about it - reading the release notes. And checking the log files to see what HA is complaining about when you try and start it.

If you have a legacy password defined in the http section of your configuration.yaml file you’ll need to move it to the homeassistant section under auth providers.

That was the main change for me moving from .89 to .90. (I ended up removing the legacy password definition as I didn’t need it and it will be going away in the future.)

Thanks for the replies. I was afraid of that. Looks like I’ll be making an image of the SD card before I attempt again it just in case.

I started late enough that I never had the legacy API password in the http section so no issue there. I saved an image of my SD card in case things really went poorly and then forged ahead with the upgrade. The first restart of home assistant had a lot of errors and the front end would not come up. In particular Z-wave would not come up and any password I had stored in secrets.yaml resulted in an authentication failure on that component. I rebooted the the pi and everything started up clean without any changes.

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