Teufel Bluetooth remote

This is not really a feature request, I am more seeking some help for integrating this into HASS myself (if possible).
I have a Teufel Hi-Fi set which is controlled with a Bluetooth remote control
This one is used in several different Teufel products and might therefore be interesting for a wider audience.
Is there a way to reverse engineer the pairing and the signals that the remote sends to the Hi-Fi set? I think would be cool to have a HASS component which can adjust volume and change the input channels, but I don’t really have experience with BT.

I actually want this for Android TV devices as the androidtv.adb_command service is incredibly slow for navigation purposes.
Then I can use Lovelave UI on a spare phone/tablet with one interface to rule them all

Hi, any Updates yet? I would be interested too.

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