Texecom integration updated


I managed to pick up this code here - https://github.com/JDW2018/home-assistant

Updated it a bit so it works on latest version of HA. I also updated pyTexecom so it can connect over IP instead of needing a serial connection.

So, ask your alarm installer to fit you a ComIP configured for Crestron, then point HA at the static IP. Would also work with a Smartcom, but not if it’s already being used for the Connect App.

You have to manually add to config file, all the zones, and areas on the alarm, to get zone updates and set/unset status.

You just need to drop the files into these places …


Example config …

port: 10001
panel_type: 24
name: ‘Front Door’
type: ‘door’
zone_number: ‘1’
name: ‘House’
area_number: ‘1’

Do you have a link for your updated packages? Can you send data to the alarm or just receive from it?

I’m currently reading from my Texecom alarm with https://github.com/davidMbrooke/texecom-connect (well, with my fork of it which has the PR’s which are open against this merged in), I have this code running in a Docker container and communicating with Home Assistant via MQTT.

I have a texecom alarm with ComIP and would love this integration. I can’t see the files in your original post, can you could share the files you have created? I would really appreciate it.
Thank you

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I got around to zipping up the changed files. Use them as above.

It’s only read only though, you can’t set the alarm. Given the Connect stuff posted above, the next thing really would be to take this, and rejig it to use Connect. Next jobs would be …

Set / unset
Autodiscovery, though I’ve no idea how you can identify a ComIP on a LAN
One of the set up GUIs
Create the entities automatically

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Fantastic,Thank you
I can’t wait to try this.

It does work mate. I just spotted a problem with the pyTexecom bit. Line 94 seems to need to be …

self._areaState[int(area)] = 1 # state - or not, getting funny values

I’ve no idea what the state digit actually means. I’m getting 3!? Anyway, I think it can be ignored and just assume we’re armed.

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It actually needs to be …

self._areaState[int(area)] = ‘1’ # state - or not, getting funny values

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Hi biggaz
sorry for the delay. I have finally found some time to try this. I have added the files to the folders and rebooted. When i then add the settings to the config.yaml file i get an error saying “Integration ‘texecom’ not found.”

Any ideas?
Thank you

Hmm, I’m trying to think back the steps that got me into a working state! I think you may need to do a command like …

pip install pyTexecom

That will install the default version, then overwrite the files with these changes. I seem to remember reading there are folders called “pycache” everywhere as well, and deleting these will get it to refresh what you’ve added?

So maybe delete this folder …


Then it will see the texecom sub folder.

Hi Guys,

First of all; great project biggaz!

Im having the same issue as Peter did above, I have run the pip install pyTezecom, (actually pip3) and still have the integration Texecom not found error.

Not sure if this is relevant or not, but the paths you specified to copy your files into… /opt/homeassistant/lib did not exist asides from the opt folder. I have created these.

Do you have any thoughts where I may be going wrong here?


Also having the same issue - there’s enough Texecom users who would love to have their Texecom sensors as HA entities so I’m sure one of the talented Devs could create something that works?

Happy to test anything anyone has created!


Ah, okay, that might be because then, you’ve installed home assistant somewhere different to me? I’m running Fedora, which might make a difference.

So, maybe you installed yours in your home folder or somewhere else?

The easier way I feel is to use the MQTT based integration and then link that to HA.

It’s not plug and play or even auto discovery but it has worked solidly for me for months

This integration should be a key element of my automation system.
I’ve searched and read endlessly, bought and installed comip, tracked it on my network and linked it to Wintex. But despite research i really worked out how to install a Home Assistant integration.
Is there a definitive idiots guide somewhere that I’ve missed, or could somebody perhaps publish one.
I’d be happy to buy coffees, donate to charity whatever, but I could really use the help.


Welcome Jon.

You are not wrong, there are no idiot proof guides out there. There a few ways to integrate Texecom in HA and a few people that did it but there are no fool proof write ups anywhere.
2 days ago I started to look into it again and I’m currently deciding which path to go i.e. use COM port for connection or MQTT and NodeMCU.
If I’m able to figure it all out I’m planning to write a step by step document.


I’ve released a Docker image which fully supports Texecom and MQTT including remote arming/part arming/disarming as well as full zone updates: https://hub.docker.com/r/dchesterton/texecom2mqtt. It has Home Assistant auto-discovery built-in too.

Texecom won’t allow me to publish the source code unfortunately as I’ve signed the NDA but I hope it’s useful to someone.


Thank you for doing this Daniel. I’m running HA in docked on my NAS so I can easily install this and test.

Great! Let me know how you get on :slight_smile: I’ve only tested it with my Elite 24 panel and a ComIP but it should work with other panels and the SmartCom

I’ve pulled your image and am testing it with a SmartCom and an Elite 64. Looks good so far - it connects to the alarm, the autodiscovery works nicely and it pulls all of my sensors in correctly (I haven’t tried arming the alarm as I’m not brave enough to risk waking kids up!).

As there’s no GitHub repo for it it would probably be useful to have 1 forum post for feedback, questions & suggestions.

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Glad to hear it’s working :slight_smile: I’m really keen to get feedback from people such as yourself using the bigger panels as there are some API differences between the panel types.

Good idea, I’ve created a thread here:

Feel free to post any feedback or issues there.

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