Texecom Smart Connect Alarm Intergration

I am just wondering whether anyone has managed to integrate the Texecom smartcom module with HA, apparently the smartcom module uses the z-wave protocol according to the data sheet?

Could potentially be an easy way to use this and it would probably give you zone status’ as well. I am looking at getting the smartcom module as I want to see the alarm status via HA and set/unset the alarm according to presence. Anyone had any experience with this?

Did you get anywhere with this dp2811? I’ve just upgraded my Texecom alarm and added the Smartcom module to it and it would be great to get motion and door contact information into HA so i can create some automation with them.

Just registered, and I also have the smartcom module. Really think HA integration would be a fantastic feature and would open it up to so many other users.

I use a Zwave VERA controller to control this and it does work okay… it ends up being quite expensive though considering the VERA is just used for the COMIP module and a couple of Dimmer modules.

Unsure if anyone’s intergrated texecom without the need for a zwave controller though.

can i ask how you did this?

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Apologies for necro’ing this thread @dp2811 but could you clarify how you integrated the Texecom SmartCom via VERA?
I have an existing z-wave setup and am trying to determine whether I upgrade my Texecom COM-IP to the SmartCom, but finding it hard to obtain information on whether the SmartCom acts as a z-wave node and what properties and functionality it exposes.


Having spoken to Texecom techical support - as at 14-Aug-2019 there is currently no release date for the SmartCom with z-wave functionality nor any indication of the functionality.

Has there been any update on this I have smartthings and am considering adding home assistant I am dieing to add my texacom connect to the rest of my system

I went a different route, installing a Konnected.io board to read the programmable outputs from my alarm panel and arm / disarm the panel using a relay as a momentary keyswitch.

As far as the Texecom z-wave functionality goes I fully expect their implementation (if/when delivered) to be a controller rather than node. Their promotional material clearly envisions their panel as a smart home hub rather than a component in a larger system.