Text-divider-row - load_resource.ts:17 Uncaught (in promise)

load_resource.ts:17 Uncaught (in promise) http://raspi.home:8123/community_plugin/text-divider-row/text-divider-row.js


System Health
arch	armv7l
dev	false
docker	false
hassio	false
os_name	Linux
python_version	3.7.3
timezone	Europe/Vaduz
version	0.97.2
virtualenv	true
mode	yaml
resources	21
views	4
  javascript_version: latest

Browser: Safari, Chrome, Firefox… on OSX

## Installed version: 1.0.4
- url: /community_plugin/text-divider-row/text-divider-row.js
  type: module
    unit: Watt
    type: "custom:mini-graph-card"
    upper_bound: 2000
  - type: "custom:text-divider-row"
    text: "test"

  - type: glance
      - sensor.kostal_current_kw
      - sensor.psm_totalkw
      - sensor.psm_nettokw
title: "Ertrag vs. Verbrauch"
type: "custom:vertical-stack-in-card"

How can I fix the error ?

did you ctrl+f5 after installing the card?

Yes, i can see that the plugin can not be loaded, all other plugins are o.k

URL: http://raspi.home:8123/community_plugin/text-divider-row/text-divider-row.js
Status: 404 Not Found
Quelle: Netzwerk

## other plugin works
URL: http://raspi.home:8123/community_plugin/lovelace-text-input-row/text-input-row.js
Status: 200 OK
Quelle: Netzwerk

is it located in that location? Is it installed and green in HACS?



right, but does it exist in that location on your installation?

I always thought it’s installed by HACS, but it’s only available through reinstall. Works again, thank you.

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