Text notifications

Trying to get text notifications to my cell phone, I’ve tried clicksend and pushbullet. Clicksend just stopped working completely, and pushbullet worked up until 2 HASSIO upgrades ago. So now pushbullet Sends out the Text message but the only way I can see the message is by opening up the app on my cell phone. So with all that what have you guys used to send texts?

Zanzito may help you, kinda depends what platform you are on :stuck_out_tongue:

Who is your carrier?

Some carriers allow you to send an e-mail that gets turned into a text. I tested it awhile back and it worked well.

HA is running on a PI 3 and my cell service is Verizon

can you explain a little more………

A tiny bit of googling would have gotten you there.

Thanks…pushbullet sends texts out to my cell phone, but the only way for me to see them or get notifications is by opening up the pushbullet app on my phone. Before I didn’t have to open the app up for the text notifications to work.

You may want to look at the notification options on your phone.

For example on an iphone you can change if you get a pop up, a notification at the top of the screen or just an icon one the app icon (or nothing at all). Your settings may have been changed. Im not familiar with push bullet though so this may not be the issue.

Agreed. I’m using pushbullet on iOS, and receive notifications without opening app. I will say I did have to sign out and back in once to get it working again with notifications.

Do you want a real SMS message, or will any app notification work for you?

There are plenty of notification apps around - there was a thread asking for recommendations at one point.

Thanks. I would like SMS messages as they will be tied to alarm automation. I’ll look up that thread