Text to speech (TTS) recommendations


I am looking to add one additional feature to my home network that can make certain announcements such as “Roomba has cleaned the corridor” or “Living room lights are still on (at 11 PM)” and so forth.

Ideally I would like to use an open source framework for the speech component but most of the results I got are for Google and Alexa. There were few mentions of Marytts and eSpeak but not sure how TTS will integrate with the hardware (speaker) in this case.

If anyone has any recommendation for a resource where I can read a little more or preferably a tutorial, I can use some help here.


PicoTTS recommended. Local, rapid…
Example of configuration:

  - platform: picotts
    service_name: picosay
  - platform: tts
    name: wmp
    tts_service: tts.picosay
    media_player: media_player.wmp

Then u can call the service in automations:

  - service: notify.wmp
      message: Roomba has cleaned the corridor.

Of course, u can customize the message by the powerful template.