Thank you HA!

I just migrated from a virtual machine on a computer I might not be using much longer to a Raspberry Pi with a SSD. Assembly into the case, install, and migration took about 45 minutes total and everything is working as perfectly as it was before.

Just wanted to say thank you to Home Assistant devs for making it as painless as possible!


I just recently migrated from a Raspberry Pi to a odroid N2+. I was optimistic about the migration process but the fact that it went so smoothly with literally no further actions required did still surprise me! :tada:

One thing I would definitely recommend to other playing along at home: Be sure to assign the IP address of the old device to the new device in-between a clean migration for maximum smoothness :slight_smile:

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Yup. I did that. Also, have to give a shoutout to Everything Home Automation channel on YT for the easy-to-follow migration instructions.

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What SSD did you get?

Im still running on a SD-card and going to switch to a SSD.

This is the one I got:

And the case has a built-in slot for it:

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