Thank you!

Hello all
I would like to thank the developers and everyone who has contributed to home assistant.

Here is my little story from today.

I have been playing with home assistant for a while now, probably 2 years now. I haven’t been able to put much time into the system as I want but it is a nice little hobby to play with on the odd free evening or rainy weekend. I have a number of sonoff basics, pow, as now sockets, all flashed with tasmota. I have built Ben’s BRUH led lights (I love them). I have also got a couple of esp8266 with 1 wire temp sensor on a bread board and a few other integrations.

My 9 month old son is teething and has picked up a vomiting bug, my wife is on maternity leave at the moment with him and not feeling great either.
She normally uses the log burner to heat the living room during the day but it can get quite hot at times, not the best when my son isn’t feeling great. My wife asked me this morning…“can you put the old radiator in the living room with the sonoff plug so I can control it from my phone?” (I was very proud of her sending this message, and her understanding of the system I use :grinning:). Of course I replied Yes!. But then I decided to go one step further, within 5 minutes(and just before I left for work), I had added the climate control using the esp8266 with a temp sensor and the oil radiator with a sonoff plug, flashed with tasmota. When I got home, I asked if the radiator worked, she replied, yes, perfectly :grinning:
This had made today much easier for my wife and therefore life easier for me :laughing:

Thank ever so much for creating a great piece of software.



Not to rain on your parade but I really feel that a warning might be in order…

I’m not sure where you are or your specific circumstances but be careful using a Sonoff on an oil radiator. Most of those will (or at least can) draw 1500w which, if your mains voltage is 120v (as in the US) that equates to 12.5 amps. The Sonoff Basics are only rated for 10 amps max. And I personally would try to not put that much thru them either. I’ve had one burn up with not that much load on it.

If you are in a location that has 240v as the mains voltage then disregard the previous warning.

And good job on teaching the wife “the way of the HA”. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for the warning. I am in the UK, we use 240v.

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