Thanks for all your help, don't want to be a burden -

Hey @Tamsy , thank you for all your help. I undertsand the time difference and I also do not want to take advantage. So I wiill just leave you with my parting status (4 items), after I say first to you Happy Thanksgiving! (Although late)…

  1. With my current state if I disable home assistant completely and reboot, at the debian command prompt I can ping with no issue and get a very fast response - until I pull the ethernet plug and put is back in again - then the internet access is gone. Same issue with HA running - so no change in symptoms. That was when my RPI had this status below:

  2. I had since our discussion updated this to read as shown (I was trying to put them back to the default values - do you know what those are?):


  1. and this is some possibly useful info:

  2. But lastly, I did originally follow the steps from the nabu casa site on how to set up HA Supervised, but I might have actually dones one or more of the steps after your suggestion for steps 2.1 on - possible as root…

So, if ultimately unable to get the RPI to be ablke to reconnect after a connection is lost - I may just blow everything away and install from scratch again. Maybe however this time if I have to do that I will during the install - stop just before step 2.1 when the plain OS is there and see if I can disconnect and reconnect the ethernet to see if it recovers - before rebooting and then contrinuing with the install. If it in fact does not reconnect when the ethernet cable is plugged back in without even HA installed - then I have a different issue - ugh!

(Maybe in case you cannot see the big picrture above clearly):

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