The ability to modify the entity_id at creation for helpers and automation

With the new categorize and tags the entity_id has become more relevant. Before it was of less important to be able to modify the entity id, as you had to name your automation’s and helpers in a unique and creative way to categorize them and keep track of them. So the entity_id always became equally unique.

Now with the new features, if i have 10 different helper to do similar things in different rooms, chances are I will want to have the same name for them all, with different tags to separate them. But the entity_id still has to be unique for them. Because I can’t modify the entity_id at creation, I first have to name them uniquely or with a throw away name, then go back an rename them or change the entity_id. Creates an extra unnecessary step.

And having a good descriptive entity_id is still important for many people as you use it when templating and scripting in python.