The automation under packages folder does not work in version 0.67.0 and needs help

The automation I wrote under packages in version 0.67.0 was not working properly. However, the version of 0.66.1b0 does work correctly. How can I solve this problem?

Here is my automated code.


  • alias: testcls
    • platform: time
      at: ‘07:30:00’
    • service: switch.turn_on
      entity_id: switch.cls
    • delay: 00:00:06
    • service: switch.turn_off
      entity_id: switch.cls

Switch.cls may have changed entity_id, there was a recent change that meant switches now get entity_id from the declaration, not the name as they used to.

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What @anon43302295 is referring to with regards to broadlink switches (I think). I just had the same issue with the .67 upgrade.

Yes, I found the reason. The ID really changed