The Battery Usage Thread

I’ve seen in the update threads that multiple people are interested in the battery usage by Ariela.

Today I took a closer look and indeed, it seems Ariela is consuming quite a bit even though it is not ‘active’ as the phone is just laying on my desk with its screen off most of the time.
I have Ariela use wifi as location tracker, none of the Mobile APP or MQTT sensors are enabled except for Bluetooth Media (with Mobile APP).

Here are some stats taken by GSam battery monitor:


Looking at the data consumption, 14MB in the background seems quite a lot for some sensor data updates?
Any ideas how the battery consumption could be improved?


Do you have any optimizations set to Ariela? Is Ariela allowed to run in background?

Regarding data consumption: 14 MB is for 7 hours? Note that those 14 MB do not contain only data send from Ariela, it contains data received from HA too. So any entity that receive an an update on HA, Ariela will receive that too :slight_smile:

I wanted to make sure I get push notifications as soon as possible, that’s why I didnt’ enable battery optimization.

Thank you. Did you encounter any connectivity issues with Ariela? Eg: its saying to reconnect? Or if you have automatic reconnection on did you noticed if this happens?

I have auto reconnect enabled, when not at home (on 4G network) I never need to click reconnect. (Screenshots above I was not at home).

When I am home and on the edge of the WiFi network when my phone switches between 4G and WiFi I frequently have to reconnect manually. But that’s another topic entirely.

Can you tell me if you have the location permission enabled for Ariela (that permission is required for identifying wifi network name).

Yes, Location permission is enabled. It also correctly sets my zone to Home when connecting to WiFi and sets it to away when disconnected. Perhaps more related to using internal/external IP between connected to Home AP and 4G.