The best Android installation for 2024

Can you give the termux codes for the latest android installation? I always got errors with what I found on the internet. Please help me.

Don’t run Home Assistant on Android.


I have seen on the internet before that it can be installed via Termux.

Yes, it can, but just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

  1. It’s not supported, if stuff breaks/fails to work you’re largely on your own
  2. Phones are shitty servers

Just use a second hand PC, buy something new, or run it on hardware you already own.

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I installed it on my computer, connected to the main server, installed the coolkit plugin for my sonoff devices, some but not all of my devices arrived, but I cannot give proper commands to the incoming devices ((This entity (" switch.1****e3952 ") does not have a unique ID, so the settings are set by the user It cannot be managed from the interface. See the documentation for more details.))) I get the error.

I’m new and I don’t have much knowledge. I would appreciate it if you could help me with home assistant.

That’s not an error, that’s an informational message. Read the FAQ entry :wink:

To control your switch use the services.