The best "Sleep time" procedure (ideas well accepted)

Good evening to all!

As a sunday process, I’ve started thinking on how to improve my “Sleep Time” procedure. At this stage, it’s a very simple push button that turn off the lights, turn on the motion sensor in bathroom to turn on light when triggering, and a couple of less common tasks.

I would like to improve the recipe and adding more useful actions. Ie.

  • Turn off automatically in the morning (how? My alarm is still not handled by HA at this stage)
  • Suggesting me I need to sleep more
  • Slowly glowing up the lights on kids’ room just before the wake-up time (on school days only ofc)
  • Any other idea is totally well-accepted :slight_smile:

what your best-in-class sleep time routine does?

tnx for sharing!

So my sleep related automation are centered around 2 withings sleep mats which are used to detect bed presence. I use them because I didn’t really want wires hanging all over the place and I snagged them for $25 ea at Walmart.

This or a similar bed presense sensor could solve some of your questions/issues

  • My “goodmorning” routine is triggered when I get out of bed, could do the same to turn off whatever you want to turn off.
  • Using the in bed sensor you could probably use a history sensor to track sleep time and then write automations to notify you with how much sleep you got vs how much your aiming for. *note the withings mats do all of this and more natively and they expose it to the API BUT the person who route the integration didn’t fully flesh it out so the only sensor that functions (atleast for me) is the in bed one.
  • I use a sunrise alarm clock that I diyed based on I think a dollar store led light for the glowing up. This makes a huge difference waking up in the darker winter months. For this I have different automation for my wakeup times that I trigger on and off from the UI on my phone. I would love for this to be a little more elegant but until IOS exposes the next alarm to HA this was the best I could come up with.

My sleep routine does the following:

  • Bedroom lights out
  • Thermostat down to cooler temperature
  • Various accent lighting off in the house, including seasonal holiday lighting
  • Doors locked
    *TV off in living room if its on

My morning automation reverses most of this.

In our house the lights start to dimm slowly 9hrs before the alarm goes, to simulate the sun going down at the end of the day.

When the television is turned off after 21:50, the lights upstairs will turn on and the lights in the living room will dimm to off 10 minutes. The radio is shut down automatically.

Next: when my girlfriend and I both got our phone in the charger (after 22:00), the lights of the whole house will dimm to off slowly

The lights in the bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen will simulate a sunrise 3 minutes before the android alarms will sound, over a period of 10 minutes. When one of the alarms is later in the morning, the wake up light only works on the ground floor (kitchen and living room).

Also the radio has a Spotify playlist randomizer, starting 15 minutes after the alarmclock, when I get downstairs. It turns itselve off after 45minutes when I leave to work.

Last thing in the morning is our roborock (we call him Robbie). If we’ve used the fireplace last night, he automatically does his round around the fireplace on silent when the alarm goes. This way the living room is clean when we come downstairs :slight_smile:

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