"The edit UI is not available when in YAML mode."

I first installed Home Assistant before Lovelace. So, of course, if I click on "Edit Dashboard"All of my cards were added by editing config/ui-lovelace.yaml. It has been frustrating as I try to learn more YAML code every time because everything is trial and error.

How difficult would it be to quit the YAML mode and use the UI editor?

Easy. You can mix and match as well - so you can have some dashboards as YAML and some via the UI.

Just go to:
configuration/dashboard and hit the “add dashboard” button.
The new page will be in UI-mode :wink:

So, to convert from a YAML dashboard to a managed dashboard, I basically need to start over?

I don’t use the UI editor but as far as I know you can just go into the UI editor then click on “edit in yaml” (or something like it) and paste your existing yaml in there.

You will loose all of the comments and any special formatting (new lines, etc) tho.