The endgame

Hi! i saw the supported CAN bus hardware but I don’t understand how is he connects to the HA, is there a CAN gateway device ?

Have you read the docs?

yes, but I still have no clue how to integrate it into full wired HA setup.

Have you used esphome before? You will need to create sensors and whatnot as outlined in the docs. You will need to know a bit about canbus by the looks of it.

As far as physical wiring from esphome to the canbus network, that is dealt with by the MCP2515 device, which is detailed in the docs.

As far as the actual connection between the esp device and home assistant is concerned that is usually wifi, but can be wired ethernet too. Ethernet Component — ESPHome

So an Esphome with the ETH shield can be a gateway when I prefer the complete wired setup.
Sounds good, need to test it first, thx for the tip, between the the CAN and the MQTT messages is a world of difference