The Forecast.Solar API is unreachable: 2024-06-27

Please take note.

Forecast.Solar doesn’t seem to have a status dashboard, unfortundately.

This started around yesterday around 21h00 (GMT/UTC) for me.

forecast_solar.exceptions.ForecastSolarConnectionError: The Forecast.Solar API is unreachable

EDIT: Their whole site seems down now.

yep, better get used to that… happens all the time

Thanks, Marius.

I’ve had blips, but nothing this long.

Interestingly, there has been too many reports on the forum. I could only find this one: The Forecast.Solar API is unreachable - Third party integrations - Home Assistant Community (

Service resumed at approximately 12h05.


I’m suddenly getting this msg on the Forecast integration. I’m not sure since when, but I suspect not more than 2 or 3 days ago.
Haven’t done any important update on HA in last few days (I’m on 2024.6 for the last 2 weeks)
Is anyone getting something similar?

That looks to be a different error and might not be related to a service outage. I have no such errors in my logs. It might be best to log a new topic for this.

It went back to normal by it self today. I have no clue what the problem was.