The "frontend.set_theme" service is not working

in my case, the service that changes the appearance, who is called frontend.set_theme does nothing despite pressing the call service button

so i can’t do automation to change theme e.g. depending on the position of the sun

please help in creating a working automation to change the theme

show your configuration for set_theme

Where can I find this configuration?

where ever you’re attempting to use the service… you said you tried to use the service and you failed. So what did you try?

In the developer tools tab and services as in the screenshot below

Changing the theme does not work in automations either

Do you have a theme called dark?

The service call is working for my day/night themes.

I have such themes and I would like to do automation that sets the theme dark after sunset

So how can I otherwise automatically change the theme?

Set your profile theme to ‘Backend-selected’ and try the service call again.

I do not have such a theme as you can see in the screenshot attached earlier, so how can I change to this theme?

Not even if you scroll up past ‘default’.

I have no motive above

what does that even mean?

Try logging out and in again:

You may also have to reset the app frontend cache.


This is a temporary solution because when you choose a different theme, this option disappears and you need to log in again to be able to change the theme again using this service So can you add theme called ‘Backend-selected’ permanently?


You found a bug.

Please report it here so that it gets fixed:

I’m surprised no one else has already considering the date on that post I linked to.

Error reported and please let me know if something is missing in the error description

But I can see that the problem has been ignored and immediately closed

Unfortunately your issue has been closed because you did not identify the issue correctly.

The issue is that you can not set the profile theme to “Backend-selected” after selecting another theme as it is no longer visible.

I have commented and hopefully Bram will reopen it.

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i can’t select theme and i treid form services any ideas

you have to configure the ability to use themes

Do you have the themes in that folder?