The gas consumption entity selection does not show any entities, even though they are present

I have connected to my SMETS2 smart meter via the Bright / Glow / Hildebrand iOS app + custom integration, using the 30 minute DCC data.

I can see usage today / usage yearly for both electricity and gas.

All the entities show up in the electricity consumption selector (presumably because they’re kWh):

But they don’t show in the gas consumption selector, it shows as “no matching statistics found”:
imgur image

I can see the gas consumption entity does show usage in the history view.

What do I need to do to get it to show up as a gas sensor?

Can you check if the unit of measurement on the gas entity is m3 or ft3? If not, try changing that. I think that dropdown filters on unit of measurement.

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The gas sensors seem to be kWh:



which is one of the ones listed in the gas consumption drop down (the image link in my OP) (although that drop down might be wrong?)

If it does need to be a different unit, how would I set up the conversion / change the units?

You can change the unit in the entity settings. Go to settings, devices and entities, entities, search for the entity, and then click it. You should get a pop-up where you can configure the unit.

Since you are measuring gas the measurement likely is already in cubic meters or feet, and for some reason the unit got set incorrectly.

Sadly, I can’t see how to edit the unit:

But I think it probably is kWh, because it’s being read via the DCC rather than directly from the meter?

Another app I have, “Loop Energy” says I’ve used about 16kWh, which lines up with the 18 kWh HA is showing via this integration.

Super weird! I can edit the unit just fine. I suppose cubic meters of gas could be converted into kWh since in the end it is just energy, but I’ve never seen a gas meter report its usage in kWh.

In any cased, if it lines up for you, great :slight_smile: At least you’ll be able to see trends.

Yes, I can always look directly at the entity. Just not see it on the energy dashboard :confused: